Buster and Jessica Corley ~ We are the owners and operators of Southern Tree Source, a small scale tree farm located in NE Jefferson County, Florida.  Our goal is to grow fruit, nut, flowering, and shade trees that are suitable for the lower south and upper gulf coast regions.  We work exclusively with varieties of trees that have been proven to perform well in this area.  Most of our seedling stock is grown on our farm and the rest is sourced as locally as possible.  All of the budding, grafting, and propagation work is done on our farm by us.  We are currently growing 40 different types of trees and 100 different varieties within those types.  Along with growing our container trees, we also offer consulting help with orchard design, crop and variety decisions, and will contract grow specific trees for our customers.

“Trees are the backbone of all landscapes, make sure yours are strong and true”.  ~ Southern Tree Source, LLC

Mission Statement:

To foster a tradition of producing high quality container grown fruit, nut, shade and flowering trees.  Concentrating on varieties suitable for the southeastern United States.  Propagating these trees on our farm and offering them for sale to wholesale nurseries, garden centers and orchard growers.  All while being a supportive member of our local agricultural community.

“Family owned and operated in Monticello, Florida,  a small rural community in the panhandle with a great climate for growing both families and trees.”

Thanks so much!

Buster & Jessica Corley

Southern Tree Source, LLC

Since 2013